Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities

Your sponsorship provides direct financial support to enable the CLTBS to:
• Pay professional trail builders to lead trail construction and maintenance projects.
• Purchase materials, tools, and equipment for work days.
• Provide insurance to cover volunteers during community trail days and organized rides.
• Create programs to teach trail-building best practices.
• Engage with landowners to ensure their continued support and investment in the trail network.

Together, we’re creating trails, so you can:

Embrace the best of hiking, with a choice of trails that let you:

• Wander through a working ancient forest.
• Watch small waterfalls cascade into swordfern grottos.
• Ramble along clear, tumbling creeks.
• Climb to sweeping views of our mountain, valleys, and vast lake.
Experience mountain biking in its purest form: one part adventure, two parts old-school XC gold, with a dash of flowy downhill to spice it all up. You’ll be able to find the right challenge to suit your mood, skill, and energy level.

“Whenever we explore the trails around the lake with the kids, I think of how our membership is building footpaths to their future.”


Sponsorship opportunities

Hiking + Cycling = Hyckling
BC Registered Society # S0070427

Our mission

To develop, maintain, and promote hiking and biking trails throughout the Cowichan Lake region – while working with the local communities to create and enhance the support structures and services required – creating sustainable, environmentally sound experiences for local residents and tourists.

Cowichan Lake is the perfect place for residents and visitors to enjoy our
astounding array of natural experiences, through cycling and hiking on safe and well-marked trails. We want to update and create trails the right way, by considering what makes sense, from an environmental and economical perspective.
Our society is run by a volunteer board of local business owners, bikers, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and people who
like to make things happen in the Cowichan Lake community.

Sponsorship levels:

Event Sponsor: $500 cash or in-kind services i.e. food, clothing, swag. This sponsorship shall be recognized as follows:
• Logo and link on CLTBS website, social media and e-news.

• Name profiled in event announcement and recognition in social media and advertising.

Supporting Partner: $1000 per year in cash or in-kind services or product. This sponsorship shall be recognized as follows:
• Logo and link on CLTBS website, social media, and e-news.
• Banner display at events held by CLTBS and opportunity to sell swag.
• Display logo in CLTBS social media posts.
• The right to display the CLTBS logo and use the term ‘CLTBS Supporting Partner’ on donor advertising or social media.
• Membership benefit package.

Sustaining partner: $2500 in direct funding per year, for a five-year commitment. This sponsorship shall be recognized as follows and will receive all benefits of Supporting Partner plus:
• Logo on all event posters.
• Permitted to display two banners and a tent at race/event.
• Announcement at events.
• Right to display the CLTBS logo and use the term ‘CLTBS Sustaining Partner’.
• Membership benefit package.

Founding Partner: $10,000/above in cash or capital assets i.e. trail land use, excavator. This sponsorship shall be recognized as follows and will receive all benefits of Sustaining Partner plus:
• Trail named in honour of company or individual.
• Name/logo on equipment provided.
• The opportunity to work with CLTBS in the design and construction of new trails.
• Custom-made plaque with the CLTBS logo, your logo/name and the text “Founding Partner”.

Founding partners

Mosaic Forest Management

Mid-Island Co-op

Rural Dividend Fund

Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers Society, Box 884, Lake Cowichan, BC Canada V0R 2G0.
For further sponsorship information, contact Mr. Lynn Klein, Sponsorship Chair, at lbk@shaw.ca or 778-350-5442 (cell)