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Your membership gives the Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers Society the ability to build and maintain a world-class trail network in and around our beautiful mountains, streams, lake and river.

“Every forest deserves a trail”

How does a your membership help?

Assist in funding trail builders to design, lead and construct trails in the Cowichan Lake region.

Purchase tools for our many volunteers to build, maintain and keep our trails safe for locals and visitors.

Engage with land owners to ensure their continued support and investment in the trail network.

Provide ongoing trail-building support by renewing your membership each year before March 1.

Personal membership

Simply put, single members are the bread and butter of our volunteer corps. While you may enjoy the company of friends on the trail, this level of membership is designed to appeal to the solo adventurists among us. Our Individual membership costs $25 a year and comes with a single membership card. 

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Family membership

Lucky you—sharing the treasures of our trails with the people you love. Family can mean many things in today’s outdoor world, whether you’re empty nesters or snack-toting parents. We welcome you all by offering our Family membership for $50 a year. You’ll receive 4 membership cards.

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Your membership gives

Joining the Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers Society as a member, means you care about the development and maintenance of amazing, well-constructed, safe, well signed and sanctioned mixed-use trails within the working forests of the Cowichan Lake area. Your membership gives the CLTBS a stronger voice for trail advocacy around our beautiful lake and river.