The CLTBS is about to start meeting again next week. Our board of directors is excited to get back to business !!!

We have been working with a couple of private landowners through the spring and summer to build land access agreements so we can build and map great trails that we can sign and market. We will keep you posted when agreements are signed.

Also, I have been out on the existing trails taking an electronic inventory of what we have already and monitoring usage. On any given day during the spring and summer and even in the months of September, there is always over 100 people riding and hiking into town using the Great Trail or the Cowichan Valley Trail.

If you are not out on the trails you would never see the steady stream of traffic arriving in town for to enjoy what we offer. I see it every day of the week.

This year the CLTBS will be sponsoring the iBike Program at Lake Cowichan School, where students will be supplied with bikes to use while being taught by certified instructors, mountain biking skills.

We have the great beginnings of a “Hyckling” culture right here. And, from the perspective of the Board of Directors of the Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers Society, the Future looks bright !