Fairservice Fun Festival 2023

Grand opening on the 11th of June for everyone

Join us for the grand opening event of our Fairservice Fun trail network.


11th of June 2023, 10;00 to 14:00


Park around the gate to Fairservice Main road, off South Shore Rd or drive in on Fairservice Main, and park along the first 100m down to the bridge and meet us at the bottom of Layer Cake.


Anyone is welcome. Riders and hikers, young and old.


Bring your family and friends for our fun filled event:

Grand opening ceremony

A ribbon cutting ceremony will officially open the network for everyone. Listen to the announcements, see our trails and sign posts, and enjoy a beautiful day in the forest.

Mountain biking group ride

Our experienced riders and trail builders, who are familiar with the trails, show you around for an hour or two of moderately difficult riding. Bring your own gear.

Group hike

Join our hiking leaders to see some of the trails near the event location, and discuss with a map how to get to the higher view points, bogs and beaver ponds, and creeks.

Meet the trail builders

Say hello to our trail builders and maintainers. Provide ideas for improvements, or share your local knowledge of hidden old paths, that we can revive into a maintained trail.

Burgers on the BBQ

Of course, we can’t celebrate without any food. Burgers, sponsored by Jakes at the Lake, and freshly sizzled on the BBQ on site and more will be available.


For the sweets minded adults and kids, Country Grocer is sponsoring cookies at the event.


Download and print our event posted to advertise at your shop, your office, or your club.

Help and support wanted

Do you went to join the fun even before the event. We are always looking for people to help on upcoming trail building days. They are a good opportunity to meet us in person

We also love to hear from you if you want to make this event special. Maybe you can sponsor some raffle prizes? Or drop by and provide some test bikes?

Contact us with ideas!

Country Grocer