Christopher Rock

Christopher Rock is located just north of Youbou and provides magnificent views of the northern arms of Cowichan Lake stretching before you east and westwards. Looking south you see Bald Mountain and the arm towards Honeymoon Bay.


The terrain is steep and rugged and suitable for hikers only. The trails is an in and out, up and down trail. We are hoping to expand it to a loop in the future. 


You can find the trail head and parking lot right behind the Youbou school and bowling alley at the end of Hemlock Street. 


Beyond the usual best practices around safe and fun hiking, consider the following specific tips:

  • Fairservice Fun is a relatively new hiking area, maintained by a small group of volunteers. Trails are rugged and steep. Sometimes overgrown or blocked by fallen logs and branches. Be prepared.
  • While close to Youbou, the area is also backed by a large area of wilderness. Especially elk, but also bears, beavers, deer, and even cougars can be encountered. Depending on season and time of day, sightings can be common. Bring a bear spray.

Maps and more

Maps and a trail head sign are in the works.

Help wanted

The network is growing and needs constant care and expansion. Join us on our trail maintenance days and become a member.


Christopher Roclk is available for all hikers and mountain bikers thanks to a land use agreement between Mosaic Forest Management and the Cowichan Lake Trail Blazers Society.

​Looking for trails

All the the trails in Lake Cowichan are mapped and viewable on or the Trail Forks App. Check out the links to download the App on Android or Apple devices.