On the 26th of November we had another successful trail build and maintenance day. Board members and volunteers alike showed up and helped. So what did the team get done and whats next?

Even though it was a cold November day, the team achieved a lot again:

  • Two new trails staked out
  • Plans for the bridge on Game Trail sorted out
  • Some minor brushing and clean ups on the way

So whats next? Well, as you can see on our upcoming section we are working towards more trails, features, and events next year! And for that we need your help. So what are you waiting for. Join us as a member, help at trail building trails, reach out help on the board or become a sponsor.

Next up is some bridge building and more trails. Let’s see if the snow and weather will cooperate.

And of course, big shout out of thanks to all the helpers who showed up.